woensdag 15 september 2010

Guest : Sakura Dream

Today's list is one by  Sakura Dream.
Read her blog here.

"My happiest moments of today "
*I know I aced the german test of adjectives.
*I remembered the lyrics of a song I forgot yesterday.
*I met my best friends who went to another school.
*I found the book I was looking for a long time
*I ate some soup. (I love soup !!)

woensdag 8 september 2010



*Had a very very lovely breakfast with Boyfriend Dearest
*No rain today!
*Playing with "my" class. (I'm a "nanny" at a kindergarden, with the most adorable kids)
*Paid a visit to my parents
*Got several hugs and kisses from my baby-brother
*The pain in my muscles after an exhausting weekend of work is gone
*Watching episodes of Gossip Girl (Sst, don't laugh, it's fun!!!)