zondag 22 augustus 2010


2 LOVEly blogs for those who
*are in love
*are in heartbreak or have lost faith in love

The lovers, you can recognize those messy feelings.
Those who are in heartbreak or have lost faith, trust life a little bit.

Not all is lost and someday, everything will make sense.


Happy thought

donderdag 19 augustus 2010


*I cooked something edible based on improvisation only! (quite something for a girl with absolutely no talent for cooking!
*Sunshine! (Didn't see much of it lately in Belgium, so yaay!)
*Fruity icecream cone with multicoloured spickles (we call it "disco balls" here and its pure nostalgia!)
*I heard one of my favourite songs in a shop (the singing-along was inevitable)
*Going out for sushi with Boyfriend Dearest
*Boyfriend Dearest!
(these last 2 make me really, really happy)
(ok, Boyfriend, you make me happier than sushi, but sssstt don't tell it)

maandag 16 augustus 2010


A blog you can't read without smiling :1000 awesome things
Focusing on the little things in life that make you feel good.


zondag 15 augustus 2010


*It's my little brother's birthday ("I'm four now!" he proudly exclaimed)
*I've had a fun weekend (though a bit exhausting)
*My spanish is actually pretty okay. Didn't know that. Kinda proud.
*I was able to sleep in late today
*Rain! Don't like the "wetness" but do like the sound!
*Wore my new sweet pink pumps. A smile every time I look down.

Have an awesome day

dinsdag 10 augustus 2010


*Home sweet home
*Boyfriend's neverending support and love
*The family (still in Russia , in that terible heat) is ok and healthy
*I'm gonna do some redecorating tomorrow!
*I finally (fully) saw "Pursuit of happyness"