maandag 26 juli 2010

The irony


*I have fulfilled all the tasks I had planned to do today
*The cute text from Boyfriend
*Today's buys : cute crocheted booties, a new travel-bag, pretty broche and other souvenirs
*My fresh tan
*My new passport, which I got without problems (thank God, because I'm leaving ,like, tomorrow(!))
*The plans for tomorrow
*I did not lose my wallet (close one ,though)
*Another day without a head-ache

The fresh start

Back to basics. How it should have been: a blog about happinness in life, hidden anywhere possible and collected here.
Inspired by many books, interviews and tests, I'm challenging you, dear reader, to pay attention to the tiny things and to be a happier person.

Shall we begin?

zondag 25 juli 2010


Yes, this blog has had a little make-over done.
Going back to its original purpose: being a handy tool to being a happier person.
A sort of a feel-good blog.
All previous entries have not been deleted, just moved to a place where I thought they would be more appropriate: Petite Egoiste