woensdag 15 september 2010

Guest : Sakura Dream

Today's list is one by  Sakura Dream.
Read her blog here.

"My happiest moments of today "
*I know I aced the german test of adjectives.
*I remembered the lyrics of a song I forgot yesterday.
*I met my best friends who went to another school.
*I found the book I was looking for a long time
*I ate some soup. (I love soup !!)

woensdag 8 september 2010



*Had a very very lovely breakfast with Boyfriend Dearest
*No rain today!
*Playing with "my" class. (I'm a "nanny" at a kindergarden, with the most adorable kids)
*Paid a visit to my parents
*Got several hugs and kisses from my baby-brother
*The pain in my muscles after an exhausting weekend of work is gone
*Watching episodes of Gossip Girl (Sst, don't laugh, it's fun!!!)

zondag 22 augustus 2010


2 LOVEly blogs for those who
*are in love
*are in heartbreak or have lost faith in love

The lovers, you can recognize those messy feelings.
Those who are in heartbreak or have lost faith, trust life a little bit.

Not all is lost and someday, everything will make sense.


Happy thought

donderdag 19 augustus 2010


*I cooked something edible based on improvisation only! (quite something for a girl with absolutely no talent for cooking!
*Sunshine! (Didn't see much of it lately in Belgium, so yaay!)
*Fruity icecream cone with multicoloured spickles (we call it "disco balls" here and its pure nostalgia!)
*I heard one of my favourite songs in a shop (the singing-along was inevitable)
*Going out for sushi with Boyfriend Dearest
*Boyfriend Dearest!
(these last 2 make me really, really happy)
(ok, Boyfriend, you make me happier than sushi, but sssstt don't tell it)

maandag 16 augustus 2010


A blog you can't read without smiling :1000 awesome things
Focusing on the little things in life that make you feel good.


zondag 15 augustus 2010


*It's my little brother's birthday ("I'm four now!" he proudly exclaimed)
*I've had a fun weekend (though a bit exhausting)
*My spanish is actually pretty okay. Didn't know that. Kinda proud.
*I was able to sleep in late today
*Rain! Don't like the "wetness" but do like the sound!
*Wore my new sweet pink pumps. A smile every time I look down.

Have an awesome day

dinsdag 10 augustus 2010


*Home sweet home
*Boyfriend's neverending support and love
*The family (still in Russia , in that terible heat) is ok and healthy
*I'm gonna do some redecorating tomorrow!
*I finally (fully) saw "Pursuit of happyness"

maandag 26 juli 2010

The irony


*I have fulfilled all the tasks I had planned to do today
*The cute text from Boyfriend
*Today's buys : cute crocheted booties, a new travel-bag, pretty broche and other souvenirs
*My fresh tan
*My new passport, which I got without problems (thank God, because I'm leaving ,like, tomorrow(!))
*The plans for tomorrow
*I did not lose my wallet (close one ,though)
*Another day without a head-ache

The fresh start

Back to basics. How it should have been: a blog about happinness in life, hidden anywhere possible and collected here.
Inspired by many books, interviews and tests, I'm challenging you, dear reader, to pay attention to the tiny things and to be a happier person.

Shall we begin?

zondag 25 juli 2010


Yes, this blog has had a little make-over done.
Going back to its original purpose: being a handy tool to being a happier person.
A sort of a feel-good blog.
All previous entries have not been deleted, just moved to a place where I thought they would be more appropriate: Petite Egoiste