maandag 16 februari 2015


Trying to get back to this write-down-everything-that-makes-you-happy-today exercise
Here goes for today:

*Felt quite confident when looking in mirror
*My hair was actually cooperating today
*My V-day roses brighten up my day and kitchen table
*Had a day off from work
*Spent this day off with BD (did I mention we recently celebrated our fifth anniversary?)
*Meeting up with friends in twenty minutes
*Got a compliment on the street about my shoes (was wearing Adidas Stan Smiths)
*Finished first

Hope you had a lovely day! :)

dinsdag 21 mei 2013


*I finally got back to this blog (it's been a year!)
*I'm so close to getting my degree
*I've finished my first paid translating assignment
*BD still makes me very happy
*We're still very much in love
*Planning some trips

woensdag 30 mei 2012


*BD and I are planning a little trip to Porto
*It's sunny!
*Studying is sorta progressing

dinsdag 15 mei 2012


*It's my sister's birthday! Happy birthday to Lorena!
*I'm getting on-schedule with my upcoming exams
*There's a tiny orange-tree standing on my coffeetable
*Everything tiny makes me happy
*Watched Gossip Girl's final episode
*Eating bugles with philadelphia

vrijdag 18 maart 2011


*Sleeping in!
*Boyfriend Dearest and I finally talked out an arguement we were having for a while
*Little sis got into the Flemish Championship of Acrobatics as she wanted, I'm so thrilled for her!
*I'm working at the theatre today ( I love my job )
*I've bought a light blue ukelele, that's some instant happiness
*I'm going to start organizing mine and BD's housewarming
*No hangover after celebrating StPatrick's day

woensdag 16 maart 2011


*Sun is shining, weather is sweet
*Still reliving happy moments from my weekend, spent in Amsterdam
*No financial problems
*Breakfast in bed (sort of)
*No deadlines
*Little brother is coming to visit me at my place

woensdag 15 september 2010

Guest : Sakura Dream

Today's list is one by  Sakura Dream.
Read her blog here.

"My happiest moments of today "
*I know I aced the german test of adjectives.
*I remembered the lyrics of a song I forgot yesterday.
*I met my best friends who went to another school.
*I found the book I was looking for a long time
*I ate some soup. (I love soup !!)